Why use Artisan Home Buying Solutions?

A ‘One-Stop-Shop’ Purchasing Solution for Buyers. Founded in 1995 and based out of Toronto,Ontario, Artisan Home Buying Solutions has spent the last 15 years helping purchasers overcome buying obstacles and assembling the right team of experts to do just that. They’ve created a ‘one-stop-shop’ to address people’s residential real estate needs virtually anywhere in Southern Ontario. With over 15 years of experience in turning renters into home owners, their highly specialized knowledge and experience in all aspects of home buying, along with their calm, understanding and empathetic nature make them the perfect partners – especially for first time home buyers.

Artisan Home Buying Solutions team of experts that you are referred to include; Certified Financial Advisers, Knowledgeable and Experienced Real Estate Sales Representatives, Competent Real Estate Lawyers, Qualified Home Inspectors and Licensed Insurance Agents.

Choosing the correct Real Estate sales representative is also another key step in the process. Realtors provide you with insight into market trends, current market values of similar properties and opinions on values of specific properties as well as offering information about the amenities of specific neighbourhoods. The sales representatives Artisan Home Buying Solutions refers its clients to are well-prepared, will take the time to assess the needs of prospective buyers, and will minimize time spent on homes that do not meet their client’s requirements. Real Estate sales representatives have access to both current and historical market data and will help purchasers make informed decisions when evaluating homes. When a prospective dream home is found, the sales representative is responsible for negotiating the final price and contract terms on behalf of the clients.

Your real estate lawyer is also another key player in the team you need put together to make the purchase happen. Artisan Home Buying Solutions has established great relationships with very well respected and knowledgeable real estate lawyers. We make sure the lawyers we use are lawyers who devote a significant amount of their legal practice to real estate law. The real estate lawyer will search the title, arrange title insurance, prepare all the purchase and financing documentation, check for tax payments and other possible arrears, and arrange for the signing of document authorizations to enable electronic closing and registration by computer. Each document will be carefully explained to our clients at the time of signing, and the flow of money from the buyer to the seller will be reviewed in full detail.

When purchasing a home there are typically several conditions on the offer, including one allowing a home inspection. Once the offer is accepted, a home inspector will conduct a detailed home inspection in the presence of the buyer. A Home Inspection teaches the buyer about the house, how it operates, and the proper maintenance. It helps the buyer understand unexpected or expensive repairs – giving approximate figures on repair costs. Home Inspectors give our clients a multi-page report, in writing, on the repairs and maintenance – prior to closing. All of the inspectors Artisan Home Buying Solutions refers must have completed an extensive Home Inspection Course offered byOntarioTradeAcademy, and apprentice with an experienced inspector for up to a full year. Home inspections take two or more hours, and represent a few hundred dollars well invested.

Artisan Home Buying Solutions also knows the importance of having an insurance agent as part of the team. All lenders require that home insurance has been purchased and generally make it a condition of financing. Confirmation of insurance coverage is required prior to or on closing day, and a binder of insurance coverage must be sent to the real estate lawyers office. In recent years it has become increasingly difficult to arrange home insurance, and some insurers are not interested in new customers with no insurance record. We have experienced insurance agents that will look after our client’s home insurance needs. In all these cases, early contact with the insurance agent can avoid last-minute problems. The agent will explain the various levels of coverage available and make sure our clients are properly covered.


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