Rent to Own

Rent to Own

Ever dream of owning a home of your own? Maybe it’s the down payment that prevents you from building equity in your own home?

Whatever your reasons, what happens if the home you’re renting is suddenly put up for sale by your landlord? You like where you live… you don’t want to move, do you?

You may not have to! We can help you stay in the home you live… your home. We’ll even show you how you can buy your rental property so that no landlord can sell it from under you ever again. With the Rent to Own your Landlord’s Home Program™ from Artisan Home Buying Solutions, we will work with you and your landlord to structure a rent-to-own agreement for affording your rental property, while turning it into your own investment or income property.

With our experience, we can package the entire scenario for you and handle any objections, overcome any concerns or unforeseen complications that could arise.

This program is structured in such a way so that you are actually building your down payment and closing costs through the rent-to-own arrangement.

If your rental home goes up for sale… you’ll generally receive an eviction notice shortly thereafter. The benefit to the landlord is that they don’t have to put the house up for sale… they have already found a buyer… you! This will save time and money for your landlord.

Many of our programs are also designed to work together, to complement each other for a full range of products and services. Ask about our Purchase Plus Improvements Program™. Depending on the situation, you may even be able to renovate the property to rent part of the home out yourselves, and become your own landlord.

Talk to us today and see how easy it is for Artisan Home Buying Solutions to help you own a home of your own.

The Best Program for Your Home Purchase

Our revolutionary buyer-financing programs work – it’s that simple.

One program may be more suitable than the other depending on your situation, but regardless of which program you use, a custom financial management package is designed for each and every client – sometimes by combining two programs – at no additional cost to you.

Own A Home with No Money Down!

Why rent when you can own your own home?

• No Down Payment?

• Self Employed?

• First Time Buyer?

It can happen for you!

Owning your own home is easier than you think.

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